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Director Business Development

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Dallas, TX
Job Type
Direct Hire
Mar 07, 2019
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A member of the business development team, this position is focused on sales of newly commercialized or near commercial products and on negotiating and securing supply agreements with later stage collaboration partnerships.  This position is responsible for meeting revenue goals through prospecting, developing and expanding existing businesses and identifying opportunities in new business and meeting collaboration milestones including securing supply agreements through effective account management and project leadership.
Job Responsibilities
·      Lead sales for newly commercialized products or near commercial products that still require significant product/customer stewardship.
·      Negotiate the business deal with target partners (development partners, customers, suppliers, infrastructure/asset needs).
·      Lead business development activities for late stage business development activities and collaborations.
o   Steer internal and external commercialization activities to align with product and business strategy
·      Refine the business case and go-to-market strategy for newly commercialized products
o   Customer/market targets
o   Channel to market (Partner, distributor, direct)
o   Market view
§  Market size, segments, & trends
§  Industry structure (Full Porter Model analysis)
o   Manufacturing approach - Toll &/or Asset base (cost/capital deployment)
o   Pricing strategy and cost models
o   Pro forma income statement (P&L) and appropriate financials
·      Perform necessary scenario analysis and lead the internal business evaluation with the executive team in order to develop product strategies.
·      Identify and seek resolution to commercialization issues and resource constraints
·      Communicate the business strategy and collaborate across the organization (R&D, manufacturing, commercial, finance, regulatory, and legal) to align all activities on newly commercialized or near commercial products.
·      Transition products/businesses from business development to the sales team at the appropriate time, depending on the project
·      Identify and secure near term outlets for various bio-refinery product streams that provide a bridge for the company as it ramps production.
Skill Set
·      Dynamic individual contributor with the ability to effectively lead a project team across all disciplines and functions.
·      Strong business acumen
·      Excellent communication skills, both written and oral that demonstrate the ability to express ideas, exchange information.
·      Exceptional Negotiation and Sales skills. Proven ability to advance and close development partnerships and commercialization programs.
·      Strong analytical skills. Ability to pull from various internal/external resources and to analyze technical, market, and financial data to develop key learnings in support of the business case and commercialization strategy.
·      Strong understanding of typical joint development and supply agreement structures (in particular intellectual property ownership and access.)
·      Ability to understand and steer the development of financial forecasts. Some experience directly creating financial models is desired.
·      Strong partner/customer interaction experience with the ability to manage complex relationships associated with large global partners.
·      Good analytical and problem solving skills.
·      Ability to indirectly manage people through influence and collaboration.
·      10+ years of business development and sales experience in the specialty chemical industry.
·      BS or advanced degree in chemical engineering or Chemistry.
·      MBA is preferred
·      5+ years leading cross functional teams
·      5+ years leading the introduction of newly commercialized products
·      Past P&L/product management experience is preferred.
·      Exhibit strong customer relationship management skills.
·      Demonstrated experience landing strategic partnerships aimed at development and new product adoption is preferred.
·      Relatively deep understanding of chemical technology and specialty chemical industry
·      Chemical process development and commercialization experience is preferred.
·      Demonstrated experience leading or participating in new product development activities is preferred.